We know that children form themselves on the values that their society presents to them, yet not infrequently, they are treated like guests or outsiders and are not expected or allowed to contribute seriously to the welfare of their own society. In reality, they need, little by little, to be given responsibilities which contribute to the welfare and daily running of the family and slowly, the wider society. If this does not happen, they grow detached and feel no part of, or respect for, society.
Of course I am not advocating child labor, but I am advocating that, as in the past, children be made to feel part of the whole and learn to have a degree of responsibility for the welfare of the whole. To give you an example of what I mean, when I was young, my mother ensured that each child had the obligation to perform certain duties both in the family and in our immediate community. Even when young, I assisted the milkman with his deliveries and at the garage at the end of the road, I was the mate who passed tools to the mechanics. As we grew older, we had responsibility for more things.
Even today, in simpler societies, the little girls help with the younger children and the household tasks and the boys look after the animals. These children are not isolated but form part of their community both at home and outside.
-- From "The NAMTA Journal Vol. 24, No. 1"
——節錄、翻譯自《北美蒙特梭利教師期刊 Vol. 24, No. 1》


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